Ultimate wall?e remote-control talking robot

[VIDEO/AFBEELDINGEN/LINK] De Ultimate WALL?E is een robot die gemaakt is in samenwerking met Thinkway Toys. De Ultimate Wall-E is voorzien een USB aansluiting, geluidsdetectoren, infraroodsensoren, aanraakgevoelige sensoren, speakers en 10 motortjes om complexe bewegingen mogelijk te maken. Hij wordt geleverd met een afstandsbediening voorzien van een touchpad, wat het bedienen ook voor kinderen simpel moet maken. Je kunt hem bovendien met je stem bedienen en hij kan je door de kamer volgen. Uiteraard zijn er verschillende emotionele stemmingen ingeprogrammeerd en hij kan zelfs mp3 afspelen.

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Features include:

  • With the original voice from the hit movie, WALL?E can chat with you. He can also dance, play music from your MP3 player (cable included), follow you around, or explore on his own. His programmable infrared remote control lets you create more than 1000 action sequence combinations!
  • His eyes light up and blink with the expressions you loved in the film
  • Designed with advanced technology, Ultimate WALL?E has audio, motion and obstacle sensors
  • WALL?E will turn his head towards a sound and respond thanks to 4 audio sensors that give him 360-degree sound detection.
  • 4 motion sensors, 3 in the front and 1 in the back, allow WALL?E to detect motion and trigger his curiosity
  • Obstacle sensors enable WALL?E to detect obstacles in his path to avoid collisions
  • WALL?E’s arms move up and down, hands grip and rotate 360 degrees and his body tilts forward and backward plus he has real working treads
  • Play modes include Follow-U mode, Explore mode, Dance mode, MP3 Music mode and Program mode plus he has an interactive Talk Back feature
  • Innovative remote control allows WALL?E to be played with using Touch Pad control, dual joy sticks or any of the 16 function buttons for voice, lights, sound effects, music, expressions, special programs and more!


  • Ultimate WALL?E
  • Infrared remote control
  • MP3 Backpack and connection cable
  • 7.2V rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • Instruction guide

Additional information:

  • Plastic/PVC/electronics
  • WALL?E requires 4 AA batteries (included for store demonstration only. Battery life may be impaired and they may need replacing after purchase). Remote requires 3 AA batteries, not included
  • 18” H x 15 1/2” W x 13” D
  • Ages 8+
  • Kopen kan je hier

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